Garissa County is one of the three counties in the North Eastern region of Kenya. It covers an area of 44,174.1Km2 and lies between latitude 10 58’N and 20 1’ S and longitude 380 34’E and 410 32’E. The county borders the Republic of Somalia to the east, Lamu County to the south, Tana River County to the west, Isiolo County to the North West and Wajir County to the north.

The county is principally a semi-arid area falling within ecological zone V-VI and receives an average rainfall of 275 mm per year.

Given the arid nature of the county, temperatures are generally high throughout the year and range from 200C to 380C. The average temperature is however 360C.

The county is divided into six sub-counties namely Fafi, Garissa, Ijara, Lagdera, Balambala and Dadaab and these correspond to constituencies in the County. the County was targeted because of its Vulnerability to recurrent droughts, Trans-boundary livestock trade routes, clustering around common issues such as pasture reserve areas.     Other specific criteria include high Poverty levels,   potential for fodder production and storage, high Levels of denudation, Community interest in the project activities and Complementarity with other projects on drought resilience.


introThe project is livestock based and will address issues of enhancing pastoral livelihoods resilience. Among other things the project will address problems of water availability for pastoralists, markets for livestock and products, livestock diseases, resource based conflicts and alternative livelihoods. The project was rolled out in December 2015 and officially launched in July 2016. The project will run for five years and it is expected to enhance the community’s resilience towards coping with adversities.  A number of community projects have been earmarked for implementation. Some have already been initiated while others are in the pipeline.





Component 1: Natural Resource Management
Output 2: Infrastructures for water resources access developed / rehabilitated
Activity              Status Remark / lessons learnt
Water Bore hole construction at Riig- Lagdera sub county
    • Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) process done
The project is at the procurement stage.
    • Hydro geological survey done
    • Environmental safeguards screening done
·Environmental Impact Assessment done and NEMA licence issued.
    • Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) process done
Construction of earth pan at Arbadobolo- Fafi sub county
    • Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) process done.
Project screening ongoing.
·Earth pan survey and mapping done
Component 2: Market Access and Trade
Upgrade and integrate the National Livestock Marketing Information
Activity Status Remark / lessons learnt
Market data gathering, reporting and dissemination ·Identification of markets for data collection done. (Garissa, Ijara and Modogashe markets) Training of data collectors not yet done.
·Nomination of 6 data collectors and 1 supervisor done
Component 3: Livelihoods Support
Regional disease surveillance and disease control service  developed and strengthened
Activity Status Remark/ lessons learnt
 Surveillance of TAD
    • Three surveillance missions done (2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter)
·Sero surveillance of unknown camel disease investigation done  
Livestock vaccinations.
    • A total of 19,757 livestock vaccinated in the month of April 2016. Areas covered included Balambala and Garissa sub counties. Camels, sheep and goats were vaccinated against BQ, S/G POX and PPR/CCPP. A total of 186 households benefitting from this exercise.
Feed and  food production enhanced
Staff training on Pasture production, feed formulation and conservation
    • 3 staff trained as TOTs
Component 4: Pastoral Risk Management
Ex-ante risk reduction measures are developed and implemented
Activity              Status Remarks / lessons learnt
Staff capacity building on CMDRR Process Two Staff trained as CMDRR Training TOTs  
  Eight staff and two community members trained on CMDRR process The trained personnel will lead CMDRR roll out at community level
Component 5: Project Management & Institutional Support
Established and equipped project county offices and the national office
Output                Activity Remarks / lessons learnt
Establishment and equipping of County project offices. ·         County office established and equipped. It is located within the Garissa County Commissioners office compound.  
Staff training on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) ·         A total of 32 personnel trained. These included GoK and private practitioners on livestock health. The trained personnel will constitute the vaccination teams. IPM is a key safeguard issue in livestock vaccinations
Staff training on Environmental safeguards ·         5 staff trained. The trained staff will guide the projects screening process at the county level  

Garissa County RPLRP Capital Investment Projects

Livestock Corridor Investment and Location   Investments events Status
Capacity CMDRR Feasibility Study Screening Safeguard studies Remarks
  Component One: Natural Resources Management
Modogashe,  Benane, Dijis,  Saka, Garissa Construction of Riig borehole, Lagdera Sub county


9.25m3/day √√ √√ √√ √√ Project at contract procurement stage.
Garissa, Nanighi, Masalani, Garsen Construction of earth pan at Arbadobolo- Fafi sub county 30,000M3 √√ √√ Xx √x Screening and safeguards to be done by November 2016
  Component Two: Market Access and Trade
Garissa, Nanighi, Masalani, Garsen Modika- Holding ground   √√ √√ Xx xx Consultations ongoing.
  Component Three: Livelihood Support
Garissa, Nanighi, Masalani, Garsen Irrigated fodder production           Site selection ongoing
Garissa, Nanighi, Masalani, Garsen Support to beekeeping (Apiary equipment, tools and equipment’s)           Site selection ongoing


√√ : Complete √x : In progress xx: Not Carried Out


  1. Liboi- Garissa
  2. Hulugho – Garissa
  3. Jarajila – Garissa
  4. Garissa – Hola – Garsen
  5. Hulugho – Bothai- Garsen
  6. Habaswein – Modogashe –Dujis – Sankuri – Garissa
  7. Habaswein- Gereale – Dertu – Garissa