Aims at improving the market access of target communities to the intra-regional and international markets of livestock and livestock products.


Key Activities:

  1. Connecting livestock markets in the country;
  2. Developing and/or rehabilitation of marketing infrastructure (holding grounds, sales yards,) and livestock border crossing points between participating countries.
  3. Linking Market information systems across the region
  4. Eestablishment of model marketing groups and livestock commodity value chains for organic beef chains.
  5. Development of regional and intra-counties policies to support livestock trade, sharing of resources and animal management. The project will support alternative asset protection mechanisms by introducing pastoralist to “store” some of their assets as grain through the ware house receipt system.
  6. Improvement of access to credit through collaboration with microfinance agencies.
  7. Pilot trade livestock identification and traceability across borders.
  8. Improve certification (sanitary and phyto sanitary) by enhancing the capacity of veterinary border control units.