Tana River County

Tana River County is one of the six Counties in the Coast region. It borders Kitui County to the West, Garissa County to the North East, Isiolo County to the North, Lamu County to the South East and Kilifi County to the South. The county lies between latitudes 000’53” and 200’41’’ South and longitudes 38025’43” and 400 15’ East. The county has a total area of 38,862.2 Km2 with a projected population of 276,567(KNBS, 2014) and covers about 76 kms of the coastal strip. The County is composed of three administrative Sub-Counties namely; Bura, Galole, Tana Delta, three constituencies namely; Galole, Bura and Garsen and 15 electoral wards

Criterion for Selection of the County

  • Tana River County has 4% arable land and 96% non-arable.
  • The economic activity in the non-arable land is pastoralism.
  • The pastoral and agro pastoral communities face numerous livelihood risks including recurrent drought, conflicts over resources, flooding along the River Tana among others.
  • Tana delta acts as a dry season grazing area that attracts pastoralists from other neighbouring counties thus putting pressure on the resources.
  • Average rainfall in the county is less than 600ml per year.
  • It is against this background that Tana River County was selected to build the resilience of the communities.



Capital Investment Status

Livestock Corridor Investment and Location   Investments events Status
Capacity CMDRR Feasibility Study Screening Safeguard studies Remarks
Component One: Natural Resources Management
Bangale – Wayu – Garsen – Galana Construction of Bangale water pan


√√ √√ NA NA Hydrological survey yielded negative
Bangale – Wayu – Garsen – Galana Lebille water pan 30,000m3 √√ √√ √√ √√ Investment is at contract award stage
Bangale – Wayu – Garsen – Galana Iddi water pan 30,000m3 √√ √√ √√ √√ Investment is at contract award stage
New  water pan   xx xx xx xx Building community consensus
Madogo – Chaldede – Hirimani- Galole- Hara- Garsen Rehabilitation of water pan   xx xx xx xx CMDRR to be carried out
New borehole   xx xx xx xx CMDRR to be carried out
Bush clearing /Management ( Invasive species) 60ha xx xx xx xx  
TseTse Control 10 traps NA NA NA NA  
Component Two: Market Access and Trade
Construction of suitable storage facilities for food storage – construction of one grain warehouse   xx xx xx xx  
Component Three: Livelihood Support
Rehabilitation of crushes in 3 Sub counties   NA NA NA NA  
Refurbish and Equip County Laboratories   NA NA NA NA  
Investments in Irrigation and irrigated agriculture enhanced   xx xx xx xx  
Component Four: Pastoral Risk Management
Component Five: PMIS
Renovation of project office   NA NA NA NA  

Capital Investment Status


√√ : Complete √x : In progress xx: Not Carried Out