Turkana County is situated in North Western Kenya. It borders West Pokot and Baringo Counties to the south, Samburu County to the South East, and Marsabit County to the East. Internationally it borders South Sudan to the north, Uganda to the west and Ethiopia to the northeast. The County shares Lake Turkana with Marsabit County. The total area of the county is 77,000 Km² The county is administratively divided into 7 sub-counties, 17 divisions, 56 locations that are further sub-divided into 156 sub-locations. According to the Kenya Population and Housing Census (KPHC) 2009 results, the County population stood at 855,399. It is projected to have a total population of 1,036,586 in 2012 and 1,427,797 in 2017.

The Turkana CPIU is housed in former Helpage International Offices

The County is a border county and shares the border with Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda. The western border of the county lies in the Karamoja cluster where neighboring tribes of Tepesi, Dodosi, Jie, Pokots and the Turkana share a common grazing resources which often leads to resource conflicts especially during the drought periods.

All the project investment site were determined using the project criteria for siting of the project and specifics about the type of the investment and exact locatin of the investment was determined using the CMDRR tools. In summary, project areas identified based on following criteria:

  • Vulnerability to recurrent droughts
  • Cross border resource based conflicts prone areas
  • Trans-boundary livestock trade routes
  • Clustering around common issues
  • Potential for fodder production and storage
  • Level of environmental degradation
  • Community priorities.
  • Complementarity with other projects

The project covers the whole county focused on migratory routes of trans-boundary significance although main investments are in Loima and Turkana West sub counties. Disease surveillances and vaccination campaigns will cover Turkana North and Kibish besides the latter two. RPLRP is in these 4 sub counties because other partners are covering the left 3 sub counties.


Capital Investment Sites

Livestock corridor Investment Description Coordinates Type of support and Expected Capacity Project implementation Status
N E CMDRR Feasibility Studies Investment Screening Safeguards Studies Remarks
Lokori-Katilu-Kotaruk-Lokiriama-Uganda Lomokori Border inspection point 020 41’ 48.0” 034046’54.6” Construction of a BIP on the Kenyan-UG border Requires collaboration with other GOK departments eg KRA customs etc
Kalotorongor water pan rehabilitation in Lokiriama Location 02052’ 43.7” 0340 45’ 40.8” Rehabilitation of a 14,000 m3 water pan ESIA pending
Namuyan Borehole Rehabilitation  02045’ 05.5”  0340 52’ 24.8”) rehabilitation EA pending
Lokiriama Livestock Saleyard 020 45’ 21.7” 0340 52’ 15.3” BQ drawings and ESIA
Lochor Ngikalalio Community rangeland Rehabilitation 10Ha EMP pending
Ngikorikipi Shallow well construction in Atalokamosio  02045’ 40.4  0340 54’ 47.3”) New construction ESIA pending
Fodder tree Nursery Establishment in Turkana Girls Primary School in Turkwel  02054’ 47.1”  0350 24’ 31.7” 100,000


EMP pending
Lokichiggio-kakuma-Lorugum-katilu-kainuk-West Pokot Kaloboi Rangeland Rehabilitation in Kapus Sub_location  03010’ 05.5”  0350 15’ 57.5” 10Ha EMP pending
Kakuma-Nakitongo-Uganda Nakitongo Community Borehole construction in Lokipoto Sub-Location  030 10’ 57.7”  0340 27’ 41.0” New construction To be advertised soon for construction
kakuma-Kalobeyei-Oropoi-Uganda Siriam pak Community water pan Construction  03041’ 043”  0340 28’ 10.2” 26,100m³ To be advertised soon for construction
Lokiding holding ground construction  03046’ 41.0”  0340 24’ 08.9” 3000 Acres ESIA, Survey and registration pending
Akou Emong Apire community rangeland rehabilitation in Oropoi Sub-Location  03048’ 43.4”  0340 22’ 28.0” 10 Ha EMP pending
Matakul beekeeping Group in Oropoi  03048’ 42.0”  0340 21’ 16.8” 25 beehives

I centrifugal machine

Training and supply of equipment
Lorugum-Kalobeyei-Oropoi Construction of Natwol Earth Dam in Kochede 11,000m3 ESIA pending
Rehabilitation of degraded Kaloboi community Rangeland in Kapus  03010’ 05.5”  0350 15’ 57.5” 10 Ha EMP pending
Construction of the Nakereikerei Shallow well 8m ESIA pending