Financial Year 2015/ 2016 vaccination campaign against CBPP in cattle and PPR in sheep and goats

Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP), is a contagious disease of cattle found mainly in African countries and caused by Mycoplasma organism. Its mode of transmission is almost exclusively through direct contact of the sick and health animals making it very popular in ASALs where large herds are raised together than in high potential areas where animals are isolated in zero grazing systems. The disease is a menace in North Eastern region and among priority diseases for control and possibly eradication.The disease is of economic importance as it causes loss animal condition and even death thereby reducing animals for sale and hence jeopardizing pastoral communities’ sources of livelihoods. Similarly, in small stock (Sheep and Goats), there is often outbreaks of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) which causes great economic losses. Transmission is by close contact, and confinement seems to favor outbreaks.

For control and potential eradication of the diseases, RPLRP (K) is carrying out synchronized mass vaccination against the two diseases in Wajir among other counties. The whole exercise was executed in accordance to World Bank and Government of Kenya requirements as the funding authorities.

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For a thorough exercise the whole process was divided into various levels which were county dependent. In Wajir, the levels were;

  1. Planning and logistics for vaccines collection storage and distribution,
  2. Logistics for vaccines collection and delivery to the cold store,
  3. Cold storage maintenance,
  4. Planning for mobilization and actual vaccination,
  5. Community mobilization,
  6. Review of community feed backs,
  7. Logistics and actual vaccination exercise. Each stage involved extensive consultations with relevant departments and stakeholders with emphasis on documentation.

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The exercise targeted regional and inter county stock trade and migration routes with particular focus on the Kenya- Ethiopia border. The entire process is expected to take 32 days starting from November 20, 2016 to December 23, 2016.

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Upcoming activities in October and November 2016

  1. Wajir County project service unit meeting on 26th October 2016
  2. Wajir County project steering committee meeting 27th October 2016
  3. Makoror CMDRR from 27th October 2016 for three days
  4. Vaccination Campaign (PPR and CBPP) from 29th October 2016
  5. Project investment site FY 2016/ 2017 mapping and community consultations